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Citadel Dogma

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We are IRL friends that have played multiple servers of Travian, although never necessarily together. We formed CITADEL on server 7 because we have been members of many alliances, many of which treated its members poorly, or had poor communication and reactionary skills. We wanted to form an alliance that would not perform in such a manner. CITADEL is founded under the concept that we are ONE alliance, and not a bunch of individual alliances sharing the same name. When we make decisions that affect the alliance as a whole, we try to all be on the same page - We want to all agree on what is happening, or is going to happen.

Although realizing that Travian is a game of perseverance and attention, we knew that we had to try and be firm but fair with the people that decided to join us. We know that it is unfair for the members that stay active and participate to have to carry members that are not active, and do not communicate. We also know that Travian simply cannot be won by a single or even a handful of people. It takes hundreds, working together as harmoniously as possible to make it a reality.

Some of us gravitate heavily towards a defensive playing style, some of us towards a very aggressive playing style, and some of us walking the line betwixt the two. We feel that overspecialization breeds weakness, and that all approaches have their merit. Some of us just play.

Knowing that Travian may be a new experience for some of our members, we disregard the need for it's members to be elite or veteran players - (After all, we have all been new to this game at some point, and without help from other people, we would not have such a commanding grasp on what it takes to be successful.) So long as everyone is capable of responding to coaching on how to better themselves. We evaluate what is happening with our members on a case-based scenario, so that we can try and help in the best manner possible. Sometimes people get very emotional about what is going on with them individually, but we cannot allow raw emotion to impact the alliance as a whole. We think that everyone deserves a chance, but we will not do anything that is going to take away from the whole. We have to consider the ramifications of each and every action we take as to how it affects our members as a whole. (In other words, we don't start hostilities with anyone, if everyone has to suffer for such an action.)

We want to be successful, obviously. Sometimes this calls for hard decisions - These decisions are weighed and initiated on behalf of the alliance, and not to the individual. People that are in an elevated position have demonstrated a level of activity and attention not easily found in Travian - They must be respected. Failure to comply to anyone in a position of responsibility may as well be a failure to acknowledge all people in positions of responsibility. Many people have NO idea how many IGMs must be resolved daily, how many reports must be read and weighed, and how much time it takes to communicate to everyone everything that is going on.

In short, we want you to learn something, be a part of something, and overall: have fun! It's serious, mixed with play - We cannot afford for any single game to compromise our identity as individuals. Lastly, if you're going to be here - Have enough respect for your teammates to actually play the game and participate! It can get a little consuming at times, but these times should be few and far between.

One thing you may have noticed about the CITADEL alliance is that there are NO mandatory taxes or tithes. Though as the game progresses alliance wide pushes will become mandatory in preparation for the end game. We certainly encourage donations within the alliance and will ask for them from time to time these are voluntary and must following Travian resource exchange guidelines, of course.

Our initial charter says a lot about us. We are working as a team to win this game. I cannot stress enough that that means EVERYONE helping EVERYONE, not the little guys constantly paying taxes to the bigger players to keep them getting bigger. When End Game arrives, it WILL take our united pool of individual strengths and talents to win, as no single player can possibly hope to achieve this. Every member will play an active, fun, and effective role, regardless of their size, when End Game arrives. I don't want anyone stuck being simply a "resource vendor" for the biggest players (unless of course that is how you would like to help when the time comes).

Citadel is not a democracy. But it is also not a dictatorship. We will not vote on every thing that comes up throughout the game. But we will be opened to member input and will often ask for it when big decisions need to be made so we can get a feel for the team's views. We will have a high counsel that makes decisions rather than an overall monarch.

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