Interested in Joining?

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Interested in Joining?

Post by Dark Queen on Sat Apr 03, 2010 5:34 pm

If you are interested in filling out an application, contact an officer of the alliance via IGM. This would be dark queen, skol, or Leona.


Initiative of
Tribes and
Dedicated to



1) You cannot be a farm. (We will coach you on how to protect yourselves.)

2) You must meet a min pop requirement, and/or a particular geographical position. (This is particular to the wing and it's leader.)

3) You must be active. (That means log in two times a day. If you go yellow, you will not likely be a part of this alliance for long... Communicate with your wing leader if you are having problems in this area.)

4) You must communicate. (All mandatory mail must be read and acknowledged. Mandatory forum posts must be read.)

5) You must participate. (Programs in place by your leaders or titleholders must be observed and complied with. All programs should affect everyone EQUALLY. To fail to participate in programs does not credit you as a good team member!)

6) You must not conduct any personal diplomacy with any member outside of CITADEL that would not be in the best interest of CITADEL. If there is any confusion about personal diplomacy (NAPS, CONFEDS, CFA, or etc - Contact your wing leader with the conditions of the proposed diplomacy.)

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Post by Dark Queen on Sat Apr 03, 2010 5:35 pm

Here is our application.

In order to Join Citadel you must meet the following requirements:

₪ Be in the Northwest
₪ Be active & show growth daily
₪ Don't be a Farm
₪ Meet our average population

If you qualify, please send Dark Queen the following information:

-Player Name:
-Tribe Type: Romans, Gauls or Teutons:
-Date Started:
-# of villages & co-ords:
-# of 15/9 croppers: if none then why not, when & what do you plan to get?
-When do you plan on your next village?
-Current army size:
-Travian experience:
-Endgame experience. If yes provide details:
-Ever been farmed, if yes by whom, when and did they get any resources?
-Are you paying tribute to stop attacks and if so to whom?
-How active are you as in how many hours do you put into the game daily or weekly?
-Do you use gold?
-Current alliance?
-Why are you leaving your current alliance?
-Why do you wish to join CITADEL?
-What Time Zone are you in:
-Are you willing to set your time zone to EST to work in with all members?
-Do you have a problem with a sitter from this alliance being assigned to you?
-Are you playing defense or offense?
-Do you know anyone in our alliance and how?

Please do not answer the application with all 1-word answers. The more information you give us, the better we can see if you're a good fit for our alliance.
If you are willing to set a recruiting officer as a sitter for a short period of time to look at your village structure and attack logs that will help with the evaluation, but not essential. It can take up to a week for processing so please be patient as you will have a reply as soon as possible.

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